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Rods, Reels & Bait –
The Best of Our Fishing Gear

Whether you are after trout in the local lakes, river salmon, or halibut from the ocean we can set you up with all the fishing gear you need, from rods to reels and bait. There is no place on earth with a more diverse offering, and River Sportsman is at the heart of Vancouver Island to help you make full use of our incredible natural resources.

Fishing Bait

It seems the fish would generally agree that the quality of your fishing bait can determine the success of your fishing trip. We always have the highest quality of “what’s been working” in stock. We are picky about our frozen bait and will sell only the best available.

Herring, Anchovy, Octopus, Roe and Worms—whatever you prefer we will always have it for you! Our huge walk-in freezer guarantees we stay well supplied.

Our locally-caught herring is stored in a net pen, then vacuum-sealed to maintain the highest quality. If herring is starved before it is processed, the fish will be more streamlined and have firmer flesh, making a nice “roll” easier to achieve and the bait longer lasting.

We also carry pellet bait and assorted oils to pull in the prawns/crab . We know that our bait will tempt whatever you’re after—salmon, trout, steelhead, halibut, BC ling cod, rockfish, crab or prawns because we make sure it’s what they’re looking for. The fish will definitely agree.

Fishing Rods & Reels

We are a top-of-the-line facility for fishing rods, reels and rod/reel combos. Whether you’re looking to master the art of flyfishing, freshwater or saltwater fishing , we have a wide selection of rods and reels, weights and lines for every type of water and catch.

In-Store Repair

If you’re in the Campbell River area, stop by our store where our technicians can check and repair gear for a successful and trouble-free trip. We have one of the largest selection of reel parts in British Columbia and we’re also an authorized Scotty Warranty Depot. Let’s make sure that if the big one gets away, it won’t be because of faulty gear…

Pro tip: for the most productive experience on the water, remember to have your fishing gear checked and serviced once a year. Don’t lose a trophy for lack of grease or a loose screw!

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