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Milner Kingfisher 4 3/8″ Bushing Centerpin Reel


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Milner Kingfisher Reel

First offered in 1998, the John Milner Kingfisher centerpin reel is a handmade, open-faced float fishing reel that is enjoyed all over the world. From the fast flowing rivers of Canada's West Coast, to the slower moving waters in the Great Lakes region, the Kingfisher fishing reel can be found in the hands of discriminating salmon anglers.

Originally constructed with the proven brass bushing, the Kingfisher float reel is now offered with either bushing or ball bearings. This fine salmon fishing reel is meticulously crafted and finished with John's hand-built three-piece brass handles and a solid brass reel foot. Featuring a three-position check-lever, the Kingfisher centerpin float reel is made from solid bar stock 6061 aluminum, C360 brass, and 316 stainless steel.

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