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Lyman GEN6 Compact Powder System


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New compact touch screen the compact Gen6 design takes a minimum of bench space and offers unrestricted pan and touch screen access for both right and left hand users. Accurate to one tenth grain, the Gen6 dispenses all types of smokeless powder at two grains per second. In addition, it features an auto repeat function that drops a precise Charge each time the pan is reset. Based on totally new digital technology that overcomes problems commonly experienced by older designs, the system is packed with additional state of the art improvements like fast, 3 minute WarmUP, new anti-static and anti-drift technology and has sophisticated electronic Shielding to resist interference from other electronic devices like cell phones, etc. The only way the powder can possible spill out of the machine is either that the customer has the door open, or the grey connector is not properly attached. Again, this is not a product defect, rather we believe it may be user error. Troubleshooting: • Allow the unit to warm up after it is turned on • Wipe down the entire unit with a paper towel dampened with window cleaner to remove static that could throw off results • Keep the scale away from other electronic devices like phones, microwaves, etc. • Be sure no powder is stuck between the platform and scale body • Do not turn unit upside down and/or shake to remove powder, this could damage the load cell

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