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Islander TR3 Single Action Reel


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The heart of the Islander TR3 is its all new drag system made from an ultra-high performance fluoropolymer material known for its low coefficient of friction, durability and consistent performance across wide temperature ranges.

  • The TR3 uses four O-rings to create an impenetrable barrier, preventing contaminants or corrosion from affecting drag performance. The sealed nature also means that the drag requires virtually no ongoing maintenance to continue performing at its best. Finally, the drags minimum setting provides enough resistance to eliminate backlash while lowering gear on the downrigger.
  • Forgot to clean your reel after a weekend on the water? You no longer need to worry. By using 100 percent ceramic bearings, the TR3 eliminates any possibility of corrosion ensuring that when you do remember to give your bearings a quick tune up they’ll be as good as new.
  • Single action fishing is defined by your direct connection to the fish. Our all-new ported paddle handles bring that connection to a new level. By porting out the centre of each handle, your grip is much more secure, especially when fishing in wet or frigid conditions.
  • For all the lefties out there who are sick of fishing backwards the TR3 has you covered. With a simple procedure, you can reel your reel your way.
  • The laser engraving process permanently etches the anodized finish without fully penetrating the coating to ensure the finish’s anti-corrosive properties are maintained. The process produces a white finish—we cannot engrave in colour.



  • Fully-sealed disk drag. All-new fluoropolymer and stainless steel disk drag takes performance to a new level
  • Fully ceramic bearings. Corrosion proof ceramics for increased durability
  • Ported paddle handles. Hollowed out handle cavity for superior grip
  • Changeable retrieval direction. Good for right or left handed anglers
  • Machined Out of Aerospace Grade Aluminum. Every Islander reel starts as a solid puck of aluminum before CNC machines turn it into a finished product.
  • Hand-Polished Mirror Finish. We spare no detail in crafting the finest reels which is why each reel is buffed by hand to eliminate machine lines and other imperfections.

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