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CCI Quiet-22 22 L/R Ammunition


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Excellent accuracy and velocity in a true ultra-quiet plinking Round! Quiet-22TM is about as loud as standard air rifle ammo, but offers much better downrange performance. It's perfect for legal shooting areas where noise may be a concern, and makes a great "soft" introduction for the young shooter. And this round is great for shooters using bolt-actions or single-shot rifles (but is perfectly safe in semi-automatics, though it might not entirely cycle the action). So save your ears... 68dB @ your ear - up to 75% quieter in perceived noise vs. standard .22 LR rounds get Quiet-22 Ammo and ditch the muffs.

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Weight0.17 kg
Dimensions7 × 4 × 2.5 cm


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Lead Round Nose

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