Rod, Reel & Downrigger Repairs


We are a top-of-the-line facility for rod, reel and rigger repair. If you have a problem with your rod, reel or downrigger, we will have you back on the water as quickly as possible. We are also an authorized Scotty Warranty Depot.

Keeping your gear in working order is critical for a successful and trouble-free fishing trip. Our technicians can ensure that your tackle and equipment are ready to go and if the big one gets away, it won't be because of faulty gear...

Maybe you just need a guide replaced on your lucky fishing rod, or are in need of downrigger repair. Or maybe you're ready for a new, custom-built rod, packaged with a smooth, high-end reel and special features. Whatever your fishing needs, we can look after you with our in-store manufacturing and repair service.

For the most productive fishing, remember to have your gear checked and serviced once a year. Don't lose a trophy for lack of grease or a loose screw!

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