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Tikka Proof McMillan Custom Rifles


These custom rifles are pieced together with the knowledge and expertise of our staff using some of the highest quality components on the market.

With a Cerakoated Tikka T3x action, the resistance to rust and scratches is unmatched. Coupled with a powerfully light weight Proof Research Sendero-light contoured, carbon fiber wrapped barrel. The Looks are truly unique.

Adding a McMillan stock furthers these goals. The McMillan Edge technology creates ultralight carbon fiber stocks that are strong enough to handle the recoil of all magnum cartridges through .300 Win Mag. The McMillan stocks are a weatherproof foundation for accuracy, with military grade ruggedness and custom-grade good looks. All stocks are hand crafted and no two color patterns will look exactly the same. These Edge-Shell, Edge-Fill stocks come with pillars to further the durability of these rifles and are nicely padded with LimbSaver recoil pads.

Both Cerakoatings and McMillan stocks come in a large variety of patterns and colours. Here at River Sportsman we have chosen colour combinations that both look esthetically pleasing and won’t be out of place in nature.

If these customizations are not enough for you please contact us in store to further explore the vast world of customized rifles.

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Weight3.6 kg
Dimensions125 × 19 × 8 cm



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