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38lb Buoyancy/ReArm Kit 7214 “C”

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The award-winning HIT Inflatable PFD with Hydrostatic Inflator Technology is Mustang Survival's best-in-safety inflatable PFD. Designed for serious users with exclusive technology,it is designed for use in severe weather and requires minimal inflator maintenance.

Features the exclusive Hydrostatic Inflator Technology, bright fluorescent yellow-green inflation cell, lightweight outer shell fabric used in the body armor industry and a zippered pocket.

Research shows fluorescent yellow-green to be the most visible color in a water rescue scenario.


  • Approval: TC Marine - TP 14475 - Inflatable PFDs - Type II
  • Compatible with Re-arm Kit C (Model # MA7214)
  • Low maintenance Hydrostatic Inflator Technology will automatically inflate when submerged in 4" or more water, minimizing accidental inflation due to rain, spray or humidity.
  • Provides 38 lb of buoyancy when inflated - more than twice standard foam PFDs
  • Manual inflation handle allows you to inflate the vest at any time
  • Bright fluorescent yellow-green inflation cell for improved in-water visibility*
  • SOLAS reflective tape, safety whistle and strobe light attachment on inflation cell
  • SecureZipTM closure stays shut in high winds and still opens easily on inflation
  • Cylinder is contained inside bladder to protect against corrosion
  • Lightweight outer shell fabric as used in the body armor industry
  • Reflective shoulder accents
  • Backup oral inflation tube
  • D-ring
  • Compliant to Transport Canada Ship Safety Bulletin No. 06/2012
  • Neoprene Comfort Collar

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