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Morakniv Classic 7″ Fillet Knife

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  • Morakniv® has always been a universal tool with unique properties. The durable steel, hardened in Mora after secret recipe. The knife edge with a grinding that ensures sharpness for a long time. The broken knife back, the coiled handle, the balance and feel, power and precision. Those are qualities that made the knife the natural companion we embarked in the forest to take advantage of what nature has to give.Now we have joined the qualities that made the knife from Mora so prized by the campfire and joined them with the modern kitchen's needs. The result is a series of beautiful and timeless kitchen knives produced in Mora. And in line with our tradition, it is the user that has shaped the outcome.

    Fillet knife has a 19 cm long blade with increasing flexibility towards the blade tip to ensure smooth filleting. The knife suits most fish sizes, and can also be used to polish membranes from roasts. The blade has a stop that prevents the hand from slipping up over the blade

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Dimensions40.5 × 8 × 3 cm

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