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Luhr Jensen Flash Fly 4″ Hoochie Rigged


50lb Line 4/0 Hooks

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With an arrow shaped head, the Jensen Flash Fly turns the bite on with its Everglow skirting, tinsel attractant fibers and 3D eyes that anglers and salmon alike can't resist. The Jensen Flash Fly is a highly versatile lure that performs best at 1-4 mph, when affixed behind Luhr-Jensen Dipsy Divers, Jensen Dodgers and Abe & Al Flashers. Complementing the lure are two red premium VMC hooks that make the pro-rigged Jensen Flash Fly irresistible.

  • Layered Everglo skirting
  • 3D eyes
  • Arrow-shaped head
  • Rigged with 36" of 50 lb. Sufix monofilament & premium VMC® Octopus hooks and tinsel
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