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Kufa Round Stainless Crab Trap


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KUFA Sports products caters to fishing operations of all sizes. We offer commercial and sport fishermen, a wide variety of proven styles and sizes of live traps for crab, prawn and shrimp. Our traps are fishing the south eastern coastal states of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia and Alaska. We have modeled and worked with our customers over the years to ensure the best traps. Many of our staff, having backgrounds in the fishing industry, combines knowledge and skill to every detail of their craftsmanship. Some of the products features are all stainless steel construction and dual ramped entry tunnels with one-way latches along with two escape tunnels for smaller crabs, large latched top with bungee and hook lock allows for easy access to and removal of your catch and includes heavy-duty welds at every joint, 6 stainless steel vertical reinforcement beams and dual stainless steel stability bars across the bottom. KUFA Sports has created a very practical trap that will work great for the everyday or weekend crab, prawn and shrimp esthetic. The crab and shrimp trap accessories and bait that carry the KUFA Sport name are all rigorously tested at sea by our customers and our staff.

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