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Kershaw Ember Assisted Opening Knife


w/Belt Clip, no Sheath

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  • Designer Rick Hinderer’s experiences as an EMT and firefighter on dive rescue inform the functional features of this ideal mini carry. On the other hand, his past work as an artistic knife designer renders every curve of the Ember a work of art while not losing sight of a tactical purpose behind every bend. Hinderer’s world-renowned success designing hard use knives that perform in emergency in this instance delivers a uniquely small knife that still offers the convenience and safety of assisted opening. Since it carries compact at less than three inches closed with its tiny two-inch blade, the smaller size could easy carry in the pocket of a purse. Perhaps consider it as a gift for your daughter, sister, mom, aunt or grandmother. However, as unisex tool, the Ember also makes for a simple, lightweight and handy present for entry into manhood, graduation, wedding, birthdays, and works for boy scouts, hunters, fishing, camping, opening packages, farming and general purpose survival.

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Dimensions 12.5 × 4 × 3.5 cm


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