Hunters Specialties Scent-A-Way Odorless Spray 32oz


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Protect yourself against hunt-destroying odors before heading to the stand with scent-a-way max odor control spray from Hunter's Specialties. This dual action formula uses both encapsulation and conversion to neutralize and control human and environmental odors. Utilizing odor scrubbing compounds that aggressively attracts and attacks bacterial odor, scent-a-way max spray works quickly to neutralize odor with a optimized formula for long-lasting odor control. Environmentally-friendly spray will not fade or Stain clothing and will not irritate or harm your skin. 32 oz. Spray bottle with two 12 oz. Refills.

  • HS 07741 saw max spray 32oz odorless
  • Multiple bottle pack for longer lasting max performance
  • Works on both human and Environmental odors

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