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The CHARD Electric Knife Sharpener is the perfect addition to your kitchen. Sharpening your own knives will prevent long term damage and ensure smooth effortless cuts when preparing your favorite foods. Features include a 2 Stage sharpening system: coarse for sharpening and fine for polishing with automatic blade positioning slots for each side of the blade. Mess free receptacles located on the underside of the unit collects metal filings for easy clean up. Non-slip feet help keep the sharpener in place while in use. Enjoy the effortless sharpening process, the sharpener does the work. Take a dull blade back to a razor’s edge with the CHARD Electric Knife Sharpener.

  • 2-Stage Sharpening System: Coarse for Sharpening and Fine for Polishing
  • Non-slip Feet ensure that Sharpener stays in place while in use
  • Mess-free Receptacles collect metal filings for easy clean up
  • Prevent damage and ensure smooth effortless cuts
  • Designed for straight edge blades only, not for use on scissors or serrated blades

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Weight1.309 kg
Dimensions25 × 18 × 12.5 cm

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