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Caldwell The Rock Deluxe Combo Shooting Rest


Shooting Rest & Rear Bag

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The best way to determine the accuracy of your rifle and ammunition by shooting them from a solid bench, with a quality shooting rest. With precise repeatability of shots as your goal, The Caldwell Rock Deluxe Front Rest Rear Bag Combination is the right tool for the job.

  • DIMENSIONS: Weighs approximately 8.5 pounds with a 13 inch diameter. 4.5-7.25 inch vertical adjustment
  • ACCURACY: With fingertip elevation adjustment, a forend stop, adjustable cradle ear assembly, independently adjustable feet (non-marring foot pads available, not included) and a cast iron base, this rest is made for rock-solid stability
  • NON-DESTRUCTIVE: This rest can be used with a filled, medium varmint bag (included) and is compatible with any Caldwell Deluxe Front Rest Bags that will securely hold your gun without damaging the barrel or stock
  • EASE OF USE: Adjustment knob is conveniently placed to allow for easy adjustments that do not require removing the gun from the rest
  • VERSATILITY: This rest works with all Caldwell filled bags for narrow or wide forends and is paired with a rear bag to increase stability and accuracy. This rest also includes a built-in carrying handle

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Weight4.810 kg
Dimensions38.5 × 30.5 × 11 cm

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