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Badlands Magnetic Binocular Case


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It’s the original, it started a stampede of wannabes, and it still beats all newcomers. We pack so many features into the Mag Bino Case’s 270 cubic inches, it probably shouldn’t be legal. Badlands’ Zip-No magnetic closure system opens silently and protects your optics from dust, water, and more. Rest your bow on the bow hook, and sip from the one-liter hydration reservoir while you glass. The sleek, unobtrusive case features a breathable harness that makes it incredibly comfortable. The Mag Bino Case is a legend. It’s an icon. And it's only from Badlands.

  • Total Volume: 270 CI
  • Total Weight: 1 LB, 1 OZ
  • Inside Dimensions: 8 1/2 IN H x 6 IN W x 2 IN D
  • Outside Dimensions: 9 IN H x 6.5 IN W x 3 IN D
  • Additional information

    Weight0.028 kg
    Dimensions22.860 × 16.510 × 7.620 cm


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