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Backroad Mapbook Vancouver Island B.C. Fishing


Region 1

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This fishing guidebook covers a diverse range of fishing locations, from easily accessible lakes and streams to lakes and streams that are only accessible by walking or by boat. Each featured fishing location has information on access, fish species present, and tips on the best times of the year to fish and the best fishing techniques to use that are specific to that fishing location. Contour maps and depth charts are also provided for the lakes. The book provides information on recommended fishing methods and tackle, fish identification, and how to choose the right rod and reel or fly gear. Anglers have the opportunity to fish for steelhead, rainbow trout, cutthroat trout, brook trout, and Chinook, Coho, chum, pink, and sockeye salmon. The book includes regional regulations, salmon regulations, and resort and outfitter listings. This book is based on extensive research and the knowledge of many experienced anglers.

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