Fly Fishing


Mastering the art of fly fishing can be a big challenge—just the technical parts of it can be overwhelming to the beginner. But that's where River Sportsman can help.

Our experienced staff can assist you in choosing the proper rod weight for your needs and the proper line for your rod, as well as for the type of fishing you'll be doing. In addition, we stock waders, wading boots, fly vests, chest packs, tapered leaders, tippets and all the odds and ends the fly fisherman might require.

If you choose to use factory hand-tied flies, we have arguably the best selection in BC with over 300 fly patterns on hand. Come have a look—you will be amazed at the choices!

Whether you are after trout in the local lakes, steelhead or salmon in the rivers, or salmon off the beach, we can set you up to take advantage of all the incredible opportunities North Central Vancouver Island has for the avid fly fisherman. There is no place on earth with a more diverse offering for you than the area surrounding Campbell River. River Sportsman is at the heart of it to help you make full use of these incredible natural resources. Come in and talk to us—we'll tell you all about it.

Brands you can believe in!