Electronics have come a long way in the last twenty years! Remember when your first depth sounder told you there was a school of Tyee directly under your boat? But for some reason they wouldn't bite…? Well, times have changed. Some of the modern depth finders can even show you prawns on the bottom. And if your new depth finder shows you fish under your boat, they really are there.

The evolution of the Global Positioning System (GPS) has given the fisher or hunter or any outdoor person a huge advantage in the field. It's not just about pursuing game: a GPS unit for the hiker has become an invaluable tool. Nowadays, with the detailed charts and maps, it is becoming very difficult to get lost. A hiker knows how far from the trailhead and how far to the campsite. A hunter can pursue that Deer through the bush without fear of getting lost, and the GPS in your boat will take you right back on top of that great halibut hole five miles off shore. A GPS unit will get you there and get you home.

Laser Range finders have taken the guesswork out of long range shooting and hunting. No longer is it "about a 500-yard shot." Now it's a 562-yard shot. Technology has enabled the average shooter to have an animal that would previously have been far out of range. With a little practice and some new electronics, you can double your chances of a successful hunt!

Of course, you will still need some of the basic items such as flashlights and lamps. We have a full supply.

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